Air Conditioners And Icicles: What Do You Do?

On a hot summer day, ice may seem like a way to get relief from the smoldering weather. However, if your air conditioner starts to sprout icicles, you have a real problem. When your unit freezes up, you need to take immediate action. Refrigerant Your air conditioning system is dependent on the action of a refrigerant. This substance is responsible for transferring the heat from inside to outside your house. [Read More]

Keeping Your Generator Fed: 4 Tips For Long-Term Fuel Storage

A generator will keep the lights on and your hearth warm if the electricity goes out. However, you have to feed it fuel for it to do its job. Unfortunately, most emergency situations, such as extreme weather conditions and the zombie apocalypse, make it difficult to purchase fuel. Not only is getting to the gas station physically difficult in these situations, it is often futile because many gas stations close up shop. [Read More]

Go With The Flow: How To Cool Down Your Home And Yourself As Quickly As Possible

If you have air conditioning, you face a choice between increasing your utility bill or dealing with an insufferably hot place when you come home on a hot day. If you run the air conditioner while you're gone, even at a higher temperature than normal, you'll end up spending more money, not to mention using up power supplies from an already strained power grid. If you leave it off, your place will become very stuffy. [Read More]

Understanding An Air-Source Heat Pump

When you are looking for equipment to condition the air in your home, you might think that you need an AC unit to cool your home and a separate furnace or heater to heat your home. This is not always the case. In some cases, you may be able to utilize one piece of equipment and get all the benefit that you need. The key is to match your equipment to the climate that you live in. [Read More]