Updating Your HVAC Unit

Two Temporary Solutions For Dealing With An Oversized Air Conditioner

One of the major problems associated with an oversized A/C unit is high humidity levels in the home. This occurs because the appliance cools the space too quickly, leading to short run times that aren't long enough to extract an adequate amount of moisture from the air. The permanent solution to this problem is to replace the air conditioner with one that's more appropriate for the home. If that's not an option, here are two temporary solutions that may help.

Install a Whole-House Dehumidifier

High humidity in a home can encourage mold and dust mite growth. Not only is this bad news for your house, mold and dust mites can aggravate allergies and asthma and may lead to increased susceptibility to skin or yeast infections.

One way to keep the home at the recommended humidity level of 45 to 55 percent when you have an oversized air conditioner is to use a whole-house dehumidifier. These devices are a low-maintenance option that monitors the air and automatically turns on when the humidity in the home rises above a certain level. They are typically attached to your central air conditioner. However, you can find standalone machines that work independent of your A/C unit if you don't want to pay for installation or try to connect the appliance yourself.

A whole-house humidifier is preferable in this situation because it will treat the entire home, where as a portable dehumidifier only works on the room it's in. However, a whole-house unit can cost up to $5,000. If money is tight or you plan on replacing your air conditioner within the next few years, then you may want to opt for strategically placing a couple of large portable units throughout your home to help manage humidity.

Increase the Amount of Space Being Cooled

Another temporary option for correcting an oversized air conditioner is to expand the amount of space the unit is cooling. You can do this by opening up the attic or running a duct to the garage or an enclosed porch or deck area. The introduction of additional warm air from another space may force the A/C to run longer and reduce the relative humidity as a result.

Be aware that this isn't the most ideal solution because it can throw off the balance in the rest of the home, resulting in warm spots. Additionally, this may increase your monthly energy bills. However, it can help out in a pinch if you don't have enough cash for a more permanent solution.

For more ideas on ways to minimize the affect an oversized air conditioner has on your home, contact an HVAC company.