Updating Your HVAC Unit

Common Air-Conditioner Maintenance and Repair Questions Addressed

A functional air conditioner might be a requirement for keeping your house cool and comfortable during the intense heat of the summer months. However, it is a reality that many new homeowners do not possess the experience or knowledge needed to make sound choices when it comes to these systems. By having the following few basic questions answered, you should find yourself in a better position to get the most out of your home's air-conditioning unit this summer.

What Should You Do in the Event That Your Air Conditioner Loses the Ability to Cool Your Home's Interior?

It can be common for these systems to gradually lose their ability to cool the air in your home. When you notice that your system is experiencing this problem, you may be able to correct the issue by simply cleaning the exterior unit. Dust and dirt can gather on the evaporator and condensation coils, and that may inhibit the system's ability to remove heat from the air. By spraying the exterior unit with a hose, you may remove these materials and restore the performance of the unit. In some instances, this step may not be sufficient for correcting the problem. When this is the case, a refrigerant leak may be to blame, and you will need to have a professional air-conditioning repair professional inspect the system to determine the location of the leak.

Will Power Surges Pose a Threat to an Air-Conditioning System?

You might be aware of the dangers that electrical surges may pose to your computers, televisions, and other electronic devices. However, you might overlook the hazard this threat can pose to your air conditioner. Modern air-conditioning units often utilize a series of sophisticated circuits. Powerful electrical surges can damage these circuits, and this may prevent them from being able to function. Sadly, this type of damage can be extensive, and correcting it will likely require you to have your entire exterior unit replaced. You can reduce this threat by installing a surge-suppression system on your air-conditioning unit. These systems will protect the unit by channeling these surges into the ground.

Why Must You Have These Systems Serviced Each Year?

The most important form of maintenance that you can do for your air-conditioning system is to have it professionally serviced each year. These service visits are essential for repairing any wear and tear that the system has suffered over the past year. This damage occurs due to the friction created by the various moving parts of the system. During a service visit, each component will be inspected, and if any damage is found, the damaged part will be replaced. Additionally, the unit will be lubricated to help reduce the effects of friction. For the best result from these service visits, you should schedule this work for the early spring or late winter so that your system will be ready for the first hot day.

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