4 Tips to Consider When Installing a Ducted Air Conditioning System in a New Home

New constructions offer homeowners limitless options for central air conditioning installation. Unlike old buildings that can limit your choice of systems, a new construction allows you to design a ducted system that will meet your cooling needs. Ducted ACs are popular choices due to their ability to cool the entire house using a central unit. You can design zones and control the temperatures in the various rooms. However, to achieve efficiency and reliability from your AC, consider the following tips during the planning stage. [Read More]

The Air Conditioning Repairs That Your System Needs When It Starts Cooling Less And Working Harder

Your AC can be affected by various problems that you are going to have to deal with. Sometimes, these problems often start off with the AC cooling less. It will also be running more often when these issues start and need to be repaired. The following air conditioning repairs will need to be done when your AC cools less and works harder to keep your home comfortable: Problems Restricting AC Airflow [Read More]

Tips When Addressing Furnace Wear And Tear

The furnace that is equipped in your home naturally will experience wear and tear. Components and systems just get old to the point where you can actually start noticing problems. If you handle furnace wear and tear using these tips, it's something you can better manage. Identify Components That Experience Wear and Tear the Most So that your efforts dealing with furnace wear and tear are purposeful, you need to know what components experience wear and tear the most. [Read More]

The Transformer In Your AC Is A Small But Important Part That Needs To Be Replaced When It Goes Bad

If your air conditioner tripped the circuit breaker and won't come back on, the problem could be a bad transformer. The transformer is a small, fairly inexpensive AC part, but if it isn't working, your air conditioner won't run. Here's a look at the purpose of a transformer, why it can go bad, and how an air conditioning repair service might diagnose the problem and fix it. The Job Of The Transformer In Your AC [Read More]