Why Is It Essential To Have Clean Air Ducts?

Many individuals do not realize that the air in their homes could be polluted. Indoor air pollution often occurs due to dirty or damaged air ducts. The debris and allergens that get trapped in air ducts will filter out in the air and can be a nightmare for individuals with respiratory issues. If you are astute and get your AC maintenance done on time, you can likely avoid this issue. The maintenance service will likely include an inspection of all components of your cooling system. [Read More]

Preparing For An AC Installation

Proper installation of an AC system can mean the difference between a long and maintenance-free life and one that is plagued by problems and excessive energy costs. While performing the installation itself is important, there is a great deal of initial preparation that should be performed as well. These steps are necessary whether you are having an entirely new HVAC system installed or simply upgrading or replacing an old one. [Read More]

3 Commercial HVAC Sustainability Tips

When it comes to keeping your bills under control when you own a commercial building, your HVAC bills can be some of the largest bills that you pay. Heating and cooling a large commercial building is expensive, which is why it can be helpful to have some sustainability tips under your belt that will help you keep those costs under control. Sustainability Tip #1: Change the Filter on a Regular Basis [Read More]

The Most Common Air Conditioning Problems

With the summer heat beating down on your family daily, you have probably switched on your air conditioning by now. However, if your home is still sweltering, you may have a problem on your hands. There are many things that can cause an air conditioner to malfunction, including the following. Improper Draining Issues You may have read some articles about how important the concrete pad under your air conditioner is. The reason for this is found in the condenser of the air conditioner. [Read More]