Updating Your HVAC Unit

Furnace Installation Time And What To Expect

How long does a furnace installation take to complete? Whether you're a first-time homeowner or this is just your first experience with an HVAC installation, take a look at the factors that impact this service.

The Number of Technicians

The more technicians working on your installation, the less time it should take. Even though extra hands equal extra help, too many HVAC techs could lead to crowding issues that slow down the overall process. While two technicians can help to speed the installation along, three, four, or more may make a would-be easy install into a complicated job.

The Existing Set-Up

Does your home already have gas lines to fuel your new gas furnace? Will the wiring support your high-efficiency unit? If the existing set-up matches the new system, the technician can cut down the overall installation time. But if the contractor needs to run new wiring to the heater, install ducts, add gas lines, or make repairs, you may need to add hours to this service.

The Size of Your Home

A larger home requires a larger HVAC system or multiple units. This can add on time to the install, depending on factors such as complexity and air duct placement.

The Location of the HVAC System

Is your home's heater difficult to reach? If the technician needs to navigate a crowded basement that's filled with boxes and storage bins or has to squeeze into a tiny crawlspace, it's likely the installation will take longer. Before the contractor arrives, remove clutter and furniture from the area.

You may also need to remove doors or make other minor modifications to increase the overall space. This can make it easier for the technician to bring bulky tools and the new system into your home.

The Number of Add-Ons

Will the technician only install the furnace, or do they need to add extra accessories to it? If the job includes a humidifier, dehumidifier, or air filtration system or if it is a combination heating/air conditioning job, expect the service to take longer.

From the number of technicians working on your home to the location of the system and extra accessories, furnace installation time isn't always easy to estimate. While most HVAC jobs are completed in less than one business day, major changes in the system set-up may require extra hours. Discuss the estimated installation time with the contractor to get a better idea of what to expect.

To learn more, contact a furnace installation contractor.