Updating Your HVAC Unit

Inexpensive Products That Save You Serious Money On Summer Cooling Bills

If your home's summer cooling effort is running up your power bills to an uncomfortable level, then it is time to take some action to make your home more air-tight so that it better holds in your air conditioner's cold air. By keeping the cooled air from escaping out of your home's chimney, windows, and doors, your air conditioner will not need to run as frequently. As your air conditioner runs less, your monthly electric bills will drop back to a more comfortable level.

By spending just a bit of money on these basic supplies, you can seal your home's air leaks and lower your year-round power bills today:

Install a Chimney Balloon in Your Fireplace's Chimney

If your home has a fireplace, then you can bet that cooled air is leaving through its chimney. To stop this escaping air and keep it cooling your home, you should use a chimney balloon. Chimney balloons are reusable, plastic balloons that you inflate and insert into your fireplace's chimney. The balloon molds to the contour of the inside of your chimney and prevents air from leaving your home up the chimney.

Insulate Your Attic's Access Door and Weatherstrip It

Your attic's access door is another place where cold air can escape from your home in short order. Often, attics are well insulated, but their doors don't have any insulation or weatherstripping at all. To save money on your power bills, check your attic door and ensure that it has insulation installed on the back of it, that it has fresh weatherstripping, and then lock it down in place to prevent any air from leaking into the attic space.

Replace Worn Weather Stripping and Adjust Thresholds on Exterior Doors

Exterior doors often cause drafts as outside air sneaks around them and into your house. To prevent this from happening, you can purchase some inexpensive weather stripping and install it all around each door's jamb. In addition, you should lay on the floor and look to see if you can see daylight under the door. If you can see light, then you need to raise the threshold so that it meets the bottom of your door's weather stripping. There are small adjustment screws on thresholds to make this simple adjustment.

Have Your Air Conditioning System Serviced and an Energy Audit Performed

After you have sealed your home and installed a chimney balloon, then you should schedule an appointment to have your home's air conditioning system serviced. While you will have to pay for a service call, the technician will lubricate your system's parts and check to make sure that everything is working at its optimal energy-saving ability.