What Changes Can Affect Your Air Conditioning Needs?

When you install a new air conditioner, you shouldn't always get an exact replacement. There are several potential changes to your home that could have changed your air conditioning needs. Home Additions or Renovations Home additions or renovations can have a significant impact on your air conditioning needs. When you increase the square footage of your home, your existing cooling system may struggle to meet the higher demand. Additional rooms or expanded spaces can lead to uneven cooling or inadequate temperature control throughout your home. [Read More]

What Repairs Might An Ice-Covered Air Conditioner Need?

If you ever walk outside and see that your air conditioner's compressor is covered in ice, this is something to take note of. While air conditioners are supposed to make your air cool, they are not meant to turn into icicles themselves. This usually means that your air conditioner needs one or more of the following repairs. Coolant Leak Repair and Refilling Coolant is the liquid that is contained inside of AC coils. [Read More]

Burning Money: How Oil Furnace Pump Faults Increase Running Costs

One of the fringe benefits of using an oil furnace, instead of gas or electric furnaces, is that it is very easy to keep track of fuel consumption. If your furnace is using more fuel than it should, you will need to purchase more oil or schedule more frequent oil deliveries, putting a very noticeable dent in your household budget. There are many underlying problems that can increase fuel consumption in oil furnaces, and issues with the furnace's oil pump are common causes of inefficiency. [Read More]

Residential AC Installation — Steps You Want A Professional To Assist With

Something you may need to do as a homeowner is to install a new AC unit. This can be involved, but it doesn't have to leave you frustrated and stressed. That's especially true if you hire a professional company to handle the following steps of this installation.  AC Selection  A fundamental aspect of installing an AC unit around the residential property is getting the right system. If you don't and continue to proceed to its setup, you may run into a bevy of problems. [Read More]