Winter Prep: How To Keep Your Furnace Running Smoothly And Efficiently

It's that time of year again when the temperature starts dropping and you want to make sure your furnace is running efficiently. Furthermore, now is the perfect time to take preventive measures so you can be prepared for colder weather and keep your furnace running smoothly and efficiently throughout wintertime. Here are 5 tips on how to prepare your furnace for winter: 1. Change Your Air Filters Regularly Air filters are an essential part of any HVAC system, as they help ensure clean air flow by trapping dust, pollen, dirt, and other airborne pollutants from entering the interior of your home.

Why Does Your Furnace Blower Keep Running (And When Is It A Problem)?

If you have a standard single-stage furnace, you're probably used to its normal heating cycles. These furnaces operate by blowing warm air for just long enough to reach your thermostat setpoint, at which point they shut down and wait for the thermostat to call for heat again. Despite these on/off cycles, a well-sized furnace should maintain a comfortable and relatively consistent temperature. However, you may have occasionally noticed that your vents will continue to blow warm air even after your thermostat reaches its target temperature.

Both Sides: The Ups And Downs Of Mini-Split AC Units

These days, there are several types of air conditioners you can choose from. One that your HVAC contractor might recommend is called a ductless mini-split air conditioner. Sometimes, this is referred to simply as a mini-split air conditioner. These systems, unlike typical central air units, do not require ducts to be placed in your walls. They have two components: a condenser and an air handler. So, should you follow your HVAC contractor's recommendation and have a ductless mini-split AC unit installed?

Signs Your Furnace Cleaning Schedule Is Long Overdue

Generally, every homeowner is supposed to clean their furnace at least once each year. This furnace maintenance task helps maintain the unit's efficiency and increase lifespan. Cleaning the furnace also eliminates all the grime, dirt, and dust in the ducts, improving air quality. In some instances, the heating unit may require cleaning more often. Knowing the signs of a dirty furnace can help you schedule the cleaning appointment on time before the efficiency and functionality of the unit are affected.

What Exactly Is A Heat Pump?

If you live in a cold climate, you're probably all too familiar with your furnace working overtime to keep your home warm during the winter months. What about those random mild days when your furnace is running even though it's not really necessary? That's where a heat pump comes in. Heat pumps are heating and cooling systems that move heat from one place to another. In the summer, they move heat from your home to the outdoors, and in the winter, they do the reverse.

3 Heating Maintenance Tips for Fall

While many people tend to ignore their heating system until winter when they really need it, the beginning of fall is actually the ideal time to perform basic heating services maintenance. Doing so will ensure that if you get an unexpected cold snap your heating system will be in good repair and ready to handle it. No one wants to find out their furnace is broken when it's already cold out.

What Are Signs You Should Upgrade Your Home AC System?

Summer heat can be unbearable, leaving you sweaty and uncomfortable. AC units, which provide air conditioning, are responsible for keeping your home cool and comfortable. When your AC isn't working as it should, however, you may notice that it takes longer to cool your home down. Your AC unit may also require more expensive repairs, which may indicate that it needs to be replaced. In this article, we will discuss the indicators that your air conditioner needs to be replaced and what to do if you notice any of these signs.

Find Out Why Your Air Conditioner Is Rattling

An AC will make a relatively low noise when starting up and shutting down. However, if these noises escalate to a loud rattling, they could indicate an underlying component malfunction. Left unattended, they can cause a system breakdown, rendering it inoperable. Thus, it is wise for a professional AC repair technician to assess your unit for defects and repair them to prevent secondary damage to other components. Here are four potential reasons why your AC is rattling.

Why You Should Clean Your Home's Air Conditioner Ducts And Vents

With ducted heating and cooling systems, you require air ducts and vents to keep your home's interior comfortable throughout the year.  Air ducts refer to a set of interconnected pipes or channels that run throughout your house in hidden places such as behind the walls and in the basement, attic, and crawlspace. They carry heated or cooled air to different rooms or areas of the home. On the other hand, air conditioner vents are the small openings within the air conditioner that provide mechanical ventilation.

Ways Business Management Consulting Services Can Assist Your HVAC Businsess

An HVAC business can be a very lucrative type of company to own. However, individuals may not realize the types of best practices that they should be following when they are responsible for overseeing the operations of these businesses. A business management consulting service will be valuable in assisting you with creating and implementing practices that can help the firm to succeed.  Vehicle Fleet Management Many HVAC contracting services will have relatively large commercial fleets.