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What Repairs Might An Ice-Covered Air Conditioner Need?

If you ever walk outside and see that your air conditioner's compressor is covered in ice, this is something to take note of. While air conditioners are supposed to make your air cool, they are not meant to turn into icicles themselves. This usually means that your air conditioner needs one or more of the following repairs.

Coolant Leak Repair and Refilling

Coolant is the liquid that is contained inside of AC coils. It expands, and as it expands, it cools off. This chill is passed on to the air that is blown over the coil. If there is a leak in your AC coil and some coolant comes out, then the remaining coolant will be able to expand too much. In the process, it will become colder than it should be. This can cause your air conditioner to ice over.

Your AC contractor can look over the AC coil and locate any leaks. If they do find a leak, they can usually patch it. Then, they will add more coolant to the system to bring it back to the proper pressure. This should keep your AC cooling within the normal range so you don't get more ice buildup.

Blockage Clearing

Another possibility is that there is a blockage in your air conditioner's intake duct or vent tube. This can be caused by bird's nests, dust balls, or even a toy that a child or dog drops into the vent tube. Such an obstruction can reduce the amount of air that passes through or by your AC coil. The coil will then become colder than usual and will ice over. 

An HVAC contractor can locate the blockage and remove it. This should restore airflow to the air conditioner and allow all of the coolness the coil produces to be discharged into your home.

If your HVAC contractor does find a blockage, they will likely also take steps to prevent future obstructions from forming. They may change your air filter and recommend that you change it more often. Or, they may replace a broken or inadequate vent cover with a better one that will keep debris out of your ducts.

Air conditioners get cold, but they should never become covered in ice. If yours is, call your local AC contractor. Chances are you either have a coolant leak or an obstruction that needs to be cleared out of your ducts or vents.

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