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2 Possible Reasons Why Your Home Heating System's Humidifier Is Not Pulling In Water

If your home has a furnace-mounted humidifier to help keep the air in the house moist, it works by pulling in water so that you do not have to worry about refilling it yourself. However, you may have noticed that the air seems drier than it should be. 

After checking the unit, you may have found that it does not have any water in the receptacle and refuses to refill even after you readjust the settings. If so, there are a couple of possible reasons why your home heating system's humidifier is no longer pulling in water.

1. Humidistat Is Unable to Recognize the Unit's Need for More Water or Unable to Relay the Signal

One possible reason why your furnace-mounted humidifier is no longer pulling in water is that the humidistat is faulty. Much like the thermostat for the furnace, you can set the humidistat to your desired moisture level, and it relays the signal to the unit to generate mist and pull water into the holding receptacle when needed.

However, if the humidistat starts going bad, it will no longer be able to recognize the unit's need for water or is unable to relay the signal. If the part is faulty, you will need to have a repair technician replace it.

2. Solenoid Valve Is No Longer Opening When the Humidistat Relays the Need for More Water

Another possible reason why there is no water coming into the humidifier is that the solenoid valve is no longer working properly. When the humidistat relays the signal that the unit needs more water, the solenoid valve should open to let the water come into the unit and then close when the right amount of water is refilled. However, if the valve gets stuck or there is an electrical issue with the wiring feeding the solenoid, it will not be able to open and close correctly. A professional can determine the reason why the valve is no longer working and either fix the issue, replace the valve, or rewire it.

Whether the humidifier is unable to pull in water on demand because of a faulty humidistat or solenoid valve, the lack of water could make the unit burn up if it continues to run. No matter what issue is causing the problem, you will need to have a professional take a look at the humidifier to see what needs to be fixed.

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