Updating Your HVAC Unit

Signs Your Furnace Cleaning Schedule Is Long Overdue

Generally, every homeowner is supposed to clean their furnace at least once each year. This furnace maintenance task helps maintain the unit's efficiency and increase lifespan. Cleaning the furnace also eliminates all the grime, dirt, and dust in the ducts, improving air quality.

In some instances, the heating unit may require cleaning more often. Knowing the signs of a dirty furnace can help you schedule the cleaning appointment on time before the efficiency and functionality of the unit are affected. Read on to know the telltale signs that your furnace needs cleaning.

Unusual Odors 

Chasing a mysterious smell around your house can be devastating. You will have to check different areas, which can take time to complete. Your furnace could be the culprit, so check it out too. When you smell oil, smoke, or rubber when the furnace is running, it will signify that it's time to clean the unit. 

If you don't call the professionals to clean the furnace, these awful odors will continue to linger and may eventually lead to a risky situation. Don't panic if you smell dust after turning on the furnace, as this is normal and doesn't necessarily mean that the furnace cleaning work is long overdue.

Debris and Dust Buildup

While smelling dust after turning on the furnace may be typical, you should remember that everything can get dingy over time. For instance, the furnace can accumulate grime, hair, dead skin particles, and dust. These signs of debris buildup can be easily noticed in the vents and air filters. 

A clean-up will be needed when these areas are caked with dust and dirt. Consider cleaning the filters and checking them after some days. If they are clogged with dirt, it will be a surefire sign that the heating system needs cleaning. Also, blocked or dirty vent openings determine if you need cleaning.

Orange or Yellow Flame

If your furnace uses gas to run, its flames should always be blue. However, if you start noticing yellow or orange flames, you should know that the flame sensor or burner is dirty. A dirty burner or flame sensor creates an imbalance of gas and oxygen, which causes the flame color to change. Cleaning these components can help restore the blue-colored flames.

A change in flame color accompanied by symptoms like a headache, carbon monoxide sensor alert, nausea, and dizziness is a sign of a carbon monoxide leakage problem. If you suspect a leak, you must evacuate the house and call a competent technician to restore the heating system immediately. 

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