Updating Your HVAC Unit

3 Heating Maintenance Tips for Fall

While many people tend to ignore their heating system until winter when they really need it, the beginning of fall is actually the ideal time to perform basic heating services maintenance. Doing so will ensure that if you get an unexpected cold snap your heating system will be in good repair and ready to handle it. No one wants to find out their furnace is broken when it's already cold out. Here are three heating maintenance tips to follow this fall:

Replace Your HVAC Filter

An important but often overlooked aspect of your heating system is to regularly replace your HVAC filters. A clean filter keeps your furnace and heating system clean and safe from debris that may otherwise cause damage. A clean HVAC filter also leads to better indoor air quality, removing dust, pollen, pet hair, and dirt from the air as it circulates through the filter. 

Some heating filters are disposable and should be replaced, while others are designed to be cleaned with water and then replaced. Look at your user manual to determine which one yours is.

Schedule a Check-Up with a Heating Services Company

The most important heating maintenance tip for autumn is to schedule a check-up with an experienced heating services company. Your heating services professional will thoroughly check your furnace and your entire heating system to make sure everything is in perfect working order. If necessary, they will repair or replace any worn-out or broken components.

Many heating services companies even offer scheduled maintenance plans, allowing you to stay on top of preventative maintenance at an affordable price.

Clean and Open Your Heating Vents

In the summer months, you may not pay much attention to your heating vents. When fall and winter come around, however, it's time to make sure they are clean, open, and not blocked by any furniture or other household items.

Clean and open heating vents will allow warm air from your furnace to properly circulate throughout your home. If your heating vents are dirty or blocked, your heating system will not work as efficiently and your home will not be as comfortable as it should be. This can also lead to higher heating costs.

Taking care of your heating system will pay off in reduced electric bills and a more comfortable home this winter. Simply follow the tips in this article and work with a trusted heating services company this fall.

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