Updating Your HVAC Unit

Find Out Why Your Air Conditioner Is Rattling

An AC will make a relatively low noise when starting up and shutting down. However, if these noises escalate to a loud rattling, they could indicate an underlying component malfunction. Left unattended, they can cause a system breakdown, rendering it inoperable. Thus, it is wise for a professional AC repair technician to assess your unit for defects and repair them to prevent secondary damage to other components. Here are four potential reasons why your AC is rattling.

Loosely Screwed Panels

The AC operation is accompanied by low-frequency vibrations, which over time may loosen screws, causing them to fall out and create a rattling sound. Moreover, if your AC was improperly installed, the screws holding the panel may not have been fastened properly, resulting in a rattling sound. Therefore, it is imperative you contact an AC specialist for your system's diagnostic and tighten the screws to hold the panels securely in place. Additionally, they will replace the screws if they are corroded.

Motor Malfunction

If your motor is damaged, it will produce a rattling sound. This is because dirt and debris accumulate on the motor, preventing it from venting. Over time, heat will build up, causing it to overheat and burn out. Furthermore, a shorted wire may cause the capacitor to fail, resulting in the motor not starting as it lacks an electrical charge. Hiring an AC professional is vital to ensure they clean the components to prevent overheating. Moreover, they will fix loose electrical connections and replace frayed wires and blown capacitors to ensure the proper flow of current for the motor's operation.

Misaligned Fan Blade

A damaged fan blade will produce a rattling sound as it attempts to rotate. This is due to debris entering the outdoor unit and knocking a fan blade out of place. In addition, foreign objects can partially dislodge the fan from the motor, causing the blades to scrap against the casing. Alternatively, the fan blades may wear out over time, causing them to bend and hit the inside of the unit. It is thus advisable you engage an AC technician to clean your outdoor unit, align, and fasten the fan blades securely to avoid damage.

Damaged Fan Cage

The cage that houses the fan may sustain damage from the environmental elements or pets, causing a rattling sound as the fan attempts to rotate. This is because a damaged cage constricts the fan's rotation path, causing the blades to collide with the fan hence rattling. Therefore, contact an AC repairer to fix or replace the fan cage to prevent further damage to the fan and the motor.

Not only is a rattling AC an annoying problem, but it also indicates defective components. Thus, you should schedule regular AC tune-ups to ensure all components are at peak functionality for a less disruptive operation.