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Heating System Repair: 3 Signs The Combustion Chamber Is Compromised

The combustion chamber is among the most important components of your residential heating system because it literally holds the fire system in place. So when it sustains damage, your furnace won't be able to generate the heat required to warm your indoor spaces. That's why you should take any heating system repair issue related to the combustion chamber seriously.

Promptly addressing the malfunctions enables your furnace's components to work harmoniously to achieve desired indoor temperatures. Since the combustion chamber houses the ignitor and the flame sensor, heating system repairs related to this component need to be meticulous and precise. In this article, you'll learn three signs of a compromised combustion chamber that heating system repair services look out for.

Visible Rust

The most conspicuous indication of a compromised combustion chamber is visible rust. And since the only way to identify these signs is to open the combustion chamber, you should make a habit of commissioning routine heating system inspections. This allows your heating system repair technician to identify these signs and address the root of the problem. A plausible explanation for visible rust is worn-out combustion chamber lining. Your technician will figure out how to salvage the situation and ensure the disintegration does not continue.

Cracked Metal

Another telltale sign of a compromised combustion chamber is a crack on the component's lining. This is actually quite common, considering the combustion chamber is where all the heating occurs. The constant expansion and contraction of the component naturally result in cracking after years of service. Combustion chamber cracks shouldn't be ignored because they allow air from your indoor spaces into the heating unit. This then poses a potential safety hazard because it interferes with your heating unit's normal operation. Your furnace technician will figure out how to seal the cracks to restore proper equipment function.

Unusual Flame Behavior

Another thing your furnace technician observes during routine heating system inspection appointments is the flame behavior. When the combustion chamber is in top condition, the flame should be blue and steady. Unusual flame behavior usually indicates that there's a problem with the combustion process. It's either the combustion gas is leaking out of the combustion chamber, or air from your indoor spaces is blowing into the component. Either way, your furnace technician will address the root of the problem before it escalates into a safety hazard.

Now that you know the crucial role your combustion chamber plays, this is your cue to commission routine furnace inspections and allow heating system repair services to keep this component in top condition. 

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