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3 Things To Know About Boiler Installation

Boilers are an excellent way to keep your home warm and comfortable when temperatures plummet. A boiler heats a house by creating hot water or steam and sending it through radiators, coils, radiant flooring, or baseboard convectors. Boilers will typically last years before needing replacement, but if boiler repairs aren't keeping your system in working condition, it may be time to consider installing a new one. Here's what to know about installing a boiler. 

How Much It Costs

The price of a new boiler depends on the type of boiler you select and your heating needs. A large home will typically require a more powerful boiler. On average, boiler installation will set you back $3,700 and $8,100. The fuel source of your boiler can also impact the cost. What fuel source you use will typically depend on what fuel options are available where you live. Boilers can be powered by gas, electricity, oil, and even wood. Before your boiler installation, consider what type of boiler will best meet your heating needs. 

How Long It Takes

How long boiler installation takes will depend on the boiler you select and the condition of the area where your want to install the boiler. If new piping or repairs are necessary before the boiler installation, it will take more time and increase your costs. In total, boiler installation can end up taking a week or longer. Your contractor will be able to give you an estimate of how long it will take. You will likely be without heat at times during the installation, so keep that in mind when scheduling a boiler installation

It's A Great Time To Consider Energy Efficiency

A boiler installation is also an excellent opportunity for upgrading your home's energy efficiency. Replacing an out-of-date boiler with a new one can mean energy savings since older models are less efficient than new ones. Your contractor can also help you select an energy-efficient boiler if saving on energy costs is your goal. In addition, you can add other upgrades to enhance energy efficiency, like putting in a new thermostat during a boiler installation. 

If you are looking into boiler installation, here are three things to know. First, knowing how much installation costs will help you formulate a budget and make decisions. Second, you'll want to consider how long boiler installation tends to take. Finally, installing a new boiler is a fantastic opportunity to enhance your home's energy efficiency.