Updating Your HVAC Unit

3 Factors That Come Into Play Before Air Conditioning Installation

Every home needs air conditioning to remain comfortable during the hot summer months. While many homeowners decide to take on air conditioning installation themselves, it's wise to let a professional handle the task. But before the contractor sets up your AC, here are some factors you need to consider.

The Type of AC Unit You Need

You can find many types of ACs on the market. Some fit in smaller spaces, while others have higher capacities for cooling large areas. It is essential to choose a unit that best fits your needs and size requirements before installation. If you live in a smaller home, an AC unit that is more compact and powerful may suffice. However, if you live in a larger home or plan to use your AC unit for more than one room, it is important that the technician calculate and set up an AC with high enough capacity to cool all parts of your house.


The location where you plan to install your air conditioner will determine the type of unit you select. If it's going in a central area, like an attic or basement, one large AC unit may be all that's needed. On the other hand, if it needs to cover multiple rooms or levels in your home, a multi-split system might be best. There are five main types of air conditioning systems. The most common are central units, single-split systems, multi-split systems, and portable units. An installer should evaluate your home to determine which system is best suited for your needs.

Hiring a Professional Installer

If you want your AC to be set up correctly, you need to hire a reputable AC installation company. These technicians have the knowledge and skills necessary for installing units quickly and efficiently. They'll ensure that every step of the process is done correctly from start to finish and provide you with all the necessary documentation.

After the setup process, they'll tell you about your unit's main parts and how to operate it safely. This is particularly useful if it's your first time using an air conditioning system or changes have been made that affect its controls. They may also inform you about warranties or guarantees offered by the company if something goes wrong with your system down the road.

You can find reputable companies in various ways. One of the simplest ways is to ask for recommendations from friends and family members who have recently had their units set up. You can also check with your local heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) association, as they may be able to provide you with a list of recommended companies in the area.

Setting up an air conditioner is a comprehensive process that factors many things from start to finish. These three factors will ensure that the entire process goes smoothly.