Updating Your HVAC Unit

The Air Conditioning Repairs That Your System Needs When It Starts Cooling Less And Working Harder

Your AC can be affected by various problems that you are going to have to deal with. Sometimes, these problems often start off with the AC cooling less. It will also be running more often when these issues start and need to be repaired. The following air conditioning repairs will need to be done when your AC cools less and works harder to keep your home comfortable:

Problems Restricting AC Airflow

Various problems can restrict the airflow of your AC. Sometimes, these issues can be simple, but they can also be more severe and require repairs. First you are going to have to check the filter and ductwork for leaks. After checking the filter and ducts, you are going to need to check the blower fan.

Issues with Your AC Condensing Unit

The AC condensing unit can be an area where a lot of the problems with your air conditioning start. Problems with the AC condensing unit are often due to debris and dirt, which lead to damage. When the AC turns on, the dirty components can begin to buildup ice on them. This can cause more damage to air conditioner parts and cause your AC to work harder to keep your home cool.

AC Compressor and Coil Leaks

The compressor and coils are where refrigerant gas is compressed to provide your home with cooling. It can also be where problems with leaks start and cause issues with your system not cooling as it should. To solve the issues with refrigerant leaks, your AC is going to need repairs. After the leaks are repaired, your system can be recharged. When your AC is not cooling as it should, it needs to be checked for leaks that could be the cause of the problem. 

Problems with Thermostat Calibrations

The problems with your AC can also be caused by thermostat calibration. Sometimes, the thermostat and AC unit are not working together as they should. This can be due to the thermostat failing and needing to be replaced. It could also be due to problems with components failing and the AC unit needing to be calibrated with your thermostat.

The problems with your air conditioner will need to be repaired as your system begins to work harder without cooling your home as it should. Contact an air conditioning repair service for help when your system is not cooling but runs constantly.

For more information about air conditioning repairs, contact an HVAC contractor.