Updating Your HVAC Unit

The Transformer In Your AC Is A Small But Important Part That Needs To Be Replaced When It Goes Bad

If your air conditioner tripped the circuit breaker and won't come back on, the problem could be a bad transformer. The transformer is a small, fairly inexpensive AC part, but if it isn't working, your air conditioner won't run. Here's a look at the purpose of a transformer, why it can go bad, and how an air conditioning repair service might diagnose the problem and fix it.

The Job Of The Transformer In Your AC

The purpose of a transformer is to adjust the amount of electricity that passes through it. The transformer can step down the electricity from the power supply to the lower voltage used by the AC control panel and other electronic parts. Without the transformer, the power going to the control board would be so high that the board would be damaged.

The Reasons A Transformer Goes Bad

A transformer might go bad when there is a power surge from lightning or a short in the equipment. An electronic part might fail and cause the transformer to go bad too. When a transformer goes bad, it trips the circuit so the power to your AC turns off.

The AC usually won't start again as a safety precaution to keep high voltage from causing harm to the air conditioner parts. That's one reason why you shouldn't keep trying to reset a breaker that keeps tripping.

The Repairs That Might Be Needed

A bad transformer has to be replaced, but before that, the air conditioning repair service needs to figure out what caused the power surge that took out the transformer. If another electronic part failed, it might need to be replaced too. The repair technician might have to fix a short in the wiring or make other repairs so the new transformer doesn't fail after it's installed.

To test the transformer, the repair technician has to remove the panels on the AC air handler, disconnect the wiring that goes from the transformer to the control board, and unscrew the transformer from the holding bracket. The technician can then test the part with a multimeter to check for a closed or open circuit.

If the reading shows the circuit is open, the transformer is bad and has to be replaced. This is done by inserting a new transformer in the bracket, screwing it down, and connecting the wires to the control board.

If the only thing wrong with your AC is a bad transformer, the repairs should be quick and easy. However, the air conditioning repair service has to troubleshoot the problem and test other parts that might be involved, so that adds to the time it takes to make repairs.