Updating Your HVAC Unit

Is Your Furnace's Blower System In Trouble? 3 Things To Know

The blower is a critical component within every residential heating and air conditioning system. Without a properly functioning blower system, the HVAC system cannot successfully move the heated and cooled air through the ducts and vents as needed to comfort all areas of the home. 

Since the blower system is called to action each time the HVAC system cycles on, wear and other repair issues are common concerns. Homeowners who are experiencing an issue with their HVAC system can use the following information to help them decide whether their furnace's blower is in need of repair. 

Rule out thermostat issues

Your HVAC blower system is powered by electricity and controlled by the thermostat. If the thermostat is incorrectly set or experiencing issues, it may not send the correct command to the blower. This can result in the blower failing to start, cycling too often, or running for longer than it should. Homeowners who feel their blower system is struggling should first check the thermostat to ensure it is set correctly and working properly. 

Check for blower motor issues

If the thermostat is set correctly and functioning properly, homeowners should consider whether a failing blower motor might be the cause of their concerns. In situations where a furnace blower motor has failed, homeowners often experience noticeable signs, including a complete failure to operate and burning smells from within the furnace components.

A furnace blower motor that is struggling but still operational can also provide significant clues, including increasingly loud noises while running, such as humming, roaring or whining.

Blower motors can fail for many reasons, including stress cracks in fan blades, bearing failure, electric issues, and other problems related to damage or wear. The belts required to turn the fan can also become stretched, wear down, or fail, leaving the blower system unable to move air. 

Decide whether to repair or replace

If the furnace's blower motor is no longer working correctly or refuses to start or stop, homeowners will need to decide whether to repair it or replace it. Information to consider before making this decision includes the age of the existing component and how often it has needed to be repaired in the past. 

Having the condition of the HVAC system assessed by a furnace repair contractor is an important part of diagnosing and solving any repair issue. Taking this action will help homeowners determine whether their furnace's blower motor can be successfully repaired or whether it should be replaced.