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2 Essential Maintenance Tasks For Keeping Your Home's Gas Furnace Operating Efficiently

When cold weather moves into your area, you want to make sure that your home's gas furnace is working at maximum efficiency to keep you and your family warm. There are some routine maintenance tasks that need to be done to ensure this efficiency, two of which you can do on a regular basis throughout the winter months. 

1.  Keep the Air Moving Freely by Replacing the Filters and Cleaning the External Vents on the Furnace

One maintenance task that is essential to your furnace's efficiency level is making sure that the air is flowing freely through the system. You can do this by replacing the filters at least monthly and ensuring the external vents on the furnace are kept free from dust.

If the filter becomes clogged up with dirt, pet hair, and other debris, the blower will have to work harder to force the air through the system. And, if the external vents are clogged up, the air coming into the system will be reduced.

If the blower has to work harder to pull air through the system, it may not be able to fully heat your home without extra effort than it would take if the airflow is unhindered. Also, since the strain of working harder affects the blower motor, you may notice higher energy bills due to this extra effort.

2.  Make Sure That the Burner Inside of the Furnace Is Kept Free of Dirt and Debris

Another task that you can perform to ensure that helps to keep the furnace running efficiently is to make sure that the burner inside of the unit is kept free from dirt and dust. If debris accumulates on the burner, it could clog up the holes.

If the holes become clogged, the gas will not ignite evenly around the burner, causing a decrease in its ability to heat the air. To keep this from happening, periodically shut off the furnace and gently blow air onto the burner to remove the dust. If there is extensive dirt and dust accumulation, however, a professional will need to do a more thorough cleaning.

While the above tasks are essential to the efficiency of your home's gas furnace, there are other things that should be done as well. However, other tasks such as oiling the blower should only be completed by a professional. Contact an HVAC contractor who offers heating maintenance services to schedule a time for them to perform these routine maintenance tasks as well as check the furnace for any potential issues so that they can be fixed before they become a serious problem.