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Basic Things You Should Know About Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Would you like to buy a ducted air conditioning system but aren't sure if you will be making an informed decision? The market offers a wide range of ACs, so making a smart choice is imperative to keep your home comfy for many years. As such, here are some basic things you should know about a ducted air conditioner.

What's a Ducted AC, and How Does It Work?

A ducted air conditioner is a system that's designed to cool or heat a building via ducts. Usually, the central unit warms or cools the air and then releases it to each room via the ductwork. Ducted air conditioners can be refrigerated or evaporative, while others are reverse cycle, meaning they can distribute both warm and cold air.

An evaporative ducted air conditioning system relies on the natural evaporation phenomenon to offer the refreshing air you need to enjoy your stay indoors. The system draws hot air into the central unit. Then, this air is channeled through moistened filters before it is turned into gas. Afterward, the moist, cool air is released to the rooms through the ducts, where it absorbs heat in the rooms before being pushed out via the window, vent, or door. A refrigerated ducted air conditioner also operates like the evaporative AC, but it draws air from inside the house, not outdoors. Most refrigerated ACs are also reverse cycle, meaning they can distribute warm or cool air.

Which Benefits Are Linked to Ducted Air Conditioners?

It is important to understand the benefits of this type of air conditioner before you invest in one. First, these units are known for their high energy efficiency, which means you will cool or heat your home without incurring huge energy bills. They work on a single indoor unit, so you won't need to have multiple units in various rooms. This feature also makes the installation work easier. 

However, you should ensure that the ductwork is well-installed or repaired before connecting the new air conditioning system. Ducted ACs also offer better circulation, take humidity away, and enhance aesthetics.

What Can You Do to Enhance the Unit's Efficiency?

There are various options you can consider to reduce your energy expenses while using a ducted AC. For instance, it's advisable to close the windows and doors whenever a refrigerated AC is running so that the unit doesn't work too hard to meet your needs. 

You can turn the AC off if some rooms aren't being used. Also, adjust the thermostat as needed and get the unit serviced regularly.

For more information, contact an air conditioning service.