Updating Your HVAC Unit

Radiant Heating System Services That You Need To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

If you rely on radiant heating for your home, you will need to perform repairs and maintenance before the coldest weather arrives. This ranges from boiler maintenance to inspections and thermostat testing. Be sure to perform the proper maintenance before winter comes so you'll be prepared for cold weather.

Boiler Maintenance for Radiant Heating

The boiler needs to have maintenance done first. This maintenance involves getting your boiler inspected and preparing the equipment to heat your home. Some of the boiler maintenance that needs to be done before winter includes:

  • Cleaning the boiler burner
  • Cleaning the boiler tubes
  • Checking the exhaust system

This boiler maintenance needs to be done to get your radiant heating system ready for the winter. You will probably want to have the boiler cleaned a couple of times throughout the year to reduce wear and improve efficiency. A heating system services contractor should be able to perform these basic tasks for you.

Inspecting Radiant Heating Pump Equipment

The radiant heating in your home also uses pumps. These pumps carry hot liquids like water through the radiators or tubing for in-floor systems. Therefore, you want to make sure the water pumps of your system are working. The problems with water pumps that you should look for when doing radiant heating maintenance include:

  • Turning the water pumps on
  • Making sure the radiant heating valve is opening
  • Flushing the system to make sure pumps are working

The water pump maintenance is needed to keep your system working this winter. When there is a problem with water circulating through the system, it may be due to the pump. Before you check the pumps, you will want to bleed air out of the radiators. The problem with radiators not heating is often due to air getting in the system.

Testing the Thermostat and Controls of Radiant Heating

You also want to test the controls to make sure they are working correctly. The thermostat and boiler of your radiant heating system need to be calibrated like forced-air systems. This ensures that the system will provide the heating needed to keep your home warm. With a boiler, the thermostat will need to be calibrated with the equipment to ensure it is working correctly. This can also include the control panel that controls the temperature, pumps, and other equipment.

These radiant heating system services will ensure your home stays warm this year. Call a heating systems service for help with the maintenance and repairs your system needs.