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Three Signs There's a Problem With Your Sewer Line

Sewer lines are the unsung heroes of our homes. They stay out of sight, silently removing waste from our sinks and our toilets away from our homes, and rarely ever make a fuss. Except when they stop working.

Sewer line problems are a big deal. Not only can a clog back up waste into your house, but it can also cause massive amounts of water damage in the process. That's why early detection is the key; the quicker you can identify and fix a sewer line, the easier the sewer line repair will be.

Unfortunately, because the sewer lines are out of sight, it can be hard to know if there are problems in the first place. Keep an eye out (and a nose) for the signs listed below. If you experience any of them, call a contractor as soon as possible.

Sudden Sinkhole

Apart from being geological phenomena, sinkholes are not supposed to suddenly appear in your front yard. Whether it's big or small, if the ground is starting to give way, it could be because the water or sewer line that runs under the ground from your house to the main city lines has sprung a leak and is forcing the liquid through the walls of the pipe. If there's been a leak for while and it's the sewer line that's responsible, you may notice that there's a good deal of floral growth in one area. It might be pleasant to look at, but it's definitely a sign that there's a larger issue a few feet below the surface.

Constant Backups

If you're experiencing constant backups every time you flush the toilet or use your shower, especially in the parts of your house that are the lowest to the ground, then chances are, you've got a major sewer line clog on your hands. You should always try to remove the clog yourself, especially if it's localized in one area, just to rule out the possibility of it being connected to any fixture. If you've tried DIY solutions and it's still backing up though, you might need to call for sewer line repair instead.

Terrible Smells

Usually, a homeowner can tell that there's a problem with their sewer line by one definite way: their nose. Terrible smells that are coming from your drains are a dead giveaway that there's a clog since the gasses will be unable to move through your pipes and away from your home. A tiny bit of a bad smell is to be expected from your drains, but an overpowering stench is a sign that you need to get your sewer repaired.