Updating Your HVAC Unit

Is Your AC Unit Costing You Too Much Each Month?

If your air conditioning unit has had a lot of repairs made in the past couple of years, and you now notice that your electricity bills are much higher when the unit is running, it's time to consider a replacement. It's time to find the best replacement option and to talk with the HVAC companies in your area about quotes for a new unit. Here are the reasons why a new AC unit may be the best option, as opposed to trying to improve your old one.

You May Need to Resize

Technology has made units much more efficient than what they were just a decade ago, and you may have a unit that isn't the right size for your home. A newer, more efficient unit that is the proper size for your home will save money on the energy while it runs.

Newer Units Are Less Toxic

Newer units don't use the chemical Freon that was used in the past to cool spaces. Freon is incredibly hazardous for the ozone and can be toxic for groundwater if there is a leak. Newer units use R-401A, which is more friendly ecologically.

Air Quality Benefits

Old units that get dusty and dirty over time can put pollutants into the air. Newer units have top-of-the-line filters to keep these particles out of the air in your home, and they are more efficient at pulling moisture out of the home. This means less humidity and better air quality during the hot months.

Cut Cooling Bills and Maintenance Costs

If the cost to cool your home in the summer is high, a new unit is going to use less electricity, which helps lower your cooling bills. The new unit will most likely come with a warranty from the manufacturer as well.

When the AC service team comes to your home to evaluate the size of unit you need and the cost of installation, ask to see if you can get a rebate for upgrading to a new unit. Some states will offer tax rebates, and there are also federal programs for certain heating and cooling systems.

Don't spend your summer worrying about the high energy bills your old unit is causing. Get an estimate and replace the unit to get a more affordable and efficient one. To learn more, contact your local AC contractor