Updating Your HVAC Unit

Why Is It Essential To Have Clean Air Ducts?

Many individuals do not realize that the air in their homes could be polluted. Indoor air pollution often occurs due to dirty or damaged air ducts. The debris and allergens that get trapped in air ducts will filter out in the air and can be a nightmare for individuals with respiratory issues. If you are astute and get your AC maintenance done on time, you can likely avoid this issue. The maintenance service will likely include an inspection of all components of your cooling system. The following points will help you understand how clean air ducts promote better air quality.

Reduce Offensive Smells

You will likely have some smells in your home at some point. For example, if you cook certain foods, the smell will likely linger for a while. The same is true with smoke from burning food. Some individuals elect to use air fresheners to tone down odors. However, some air fresheners have ingredients that can release additional allergens into the air. A good approach would be to speak with an HVAC services professional who can recommend and install an air purifier.

Improves Air Circulation

Dirty air ducts will impede airflow. It is also possible for dirty ducts to result in vents getting clogged by dust and other debris. Your ducts may also get contaminated with mold if moisture cannot escape the ducts.

Ensures Fewer Allergens

There are numerous allergens that may lurk in homes. Dust is one of the more common allergens. However, pet dander, pollen, and carpet fibers can also be a nuisance. There are generally other measures you can take in addition to reducing the allergens in your home. Changing your air filter is something that will be ideal for your HVAC system. Investing in additional enhancements is ideal for severe allergies and conditions such as asthma. For example, ensure that you have a vacuum with a HEPA filter.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Dirty ducts can impact energy efficiency. This because the cool air and warm air will have difficulty circulating through the system. This can make your system work harder and result in higher energy bills.

An HVAC contractor from a company like Laroc Refrigeration-Metal Division is a good resource to use to understand more reasons why clean ducts are an important part of your HVAC system. They can also determine the best schedule for maintaining your system, which can prevent breakdowns. If you do not know how to perform self-maintenance tasks such as changing your air filter, a professional can demonstrate it and advise you on the frequency it should be changed for the best performance.