Updating Your HVAC Unit

3 Commercial HVAC Sustainability Tips

When it comes to keeping your bills under control when you own a commercial building, your HVAC bills can be some of the largest bills that you pay. Heating and cooling a large commercial building is expensive, which is why it can be helpful to have some sustainability tips under your belt that will help you keep those costs under control.

Sustainability Tip #1: Change the Filter on a Regular Basis

One of the best ways to keep your commercial HVAC system working in the most efficient manner possible is by changing the filters for the system on time. When the filters are dirty, they restrict airflow, which causes your HVAC system to run for a longer period, thus driving up your heating and cooling costs.

With a commercial set-up, you should be changing out the air filters on a regular basis. It is common to need to change out the air filters every other month for a commercial system. If you live somewhere with high levels of air pollution, or if your business creates air pollution (if you own something like a manufacturing business), you may even need to change out the filters on a monthly basis.

The cost of frequently changing the air filters will be offset by the amount of money you save from doing this task on a more frequent basis.

Sustainability Tip #2: Use Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats are not just for residential homes; they are really useful in commercial buildings as well. With a programmable thermostat, you can set up a schedule for the entire week. For example, if you run an office building that is generally empty from 6 pm to 6 am, in the summer you can raise the temperatures and in the winter you can lower them to save energy when the building is not occupied. You can use the work schedule of the office to help determine how and when the space needs to be cooled up or heated up. This can help you save on wasted energy and ensure that you are not heating the space when you don't need to.

Sustainability Tip #3: Get Regular Inspections

Commercial HVAC systems need a fair amount of attention. They have parts that need to be tightened up, holes in the ducts that need to be addressed, and a host of other small tasks that an experienced commercial HVAC technician can take care of.

When it comes to making your commercial HVAC system more sustainable, you need to schedule to change the air filter in your system every two months at least. You need to switch to programmable thermostats so you can be smart about how you are heating your building. You need to find a commercial HVAC company to work with who can come out, inspect, and take care of your system at least twice a year. For commercial air conditioning repair services, make sure that you find a professional company that offers these services near you and learn more.