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Keep Your Wallet Cool This Summer: Tips For Reducing AC Running Costs

Nobody likes sweltering heat and humidity, but the cost of running your air conditioning all summer long can really overheat your budget as well. In fact, it can cost between $100 and $200 per month to run a central air conditioning, with the higher end being more common in warmer areas. In general, the hotter the outside temperature, the longer your air conditioner will need to run to keep your home cool and the more your electricity bill will suffer. Windows units can potentially be cheaper to run, but only when limited to a room or two. Cooling a whole house with window units can run up your electricity bill as well.

Luckily, it's possible to keep your home comfortable and keep your expenses under control. While turning the thermostat up just a little higher should always be your first step, these tips will help you to find additional ways to cool your home more efficiently so that you can save money and use less energy.

Start by Keeping the Heat Out

One of the easiest things you can do to help your air conditioner work more effectively is to simply take steps to keep your home's interior from heating up so much. The best way to do this is to keep blinds and curtains closed during the day. If your home only has thin plastic blinds or curtains that don't do much to keep the light out, consider investing in heavier options. The sun beating down on your house through the windows will force your air conditioner to work harder and run less efficiently.

It is also important to keep windows and doors closed as much as possible while your air conditioner is running. If you are doing something which requires you to walk in and out of your house, consider waiting until later in the day when it's cooler. Alternately, turn up your thermostat or turn off your air conditioner entirely until you're done. By letting the heat in and the cool air out, you're essentially working against your air conditioner.

Step It Up with Proper Maintenance

An AC system that's running poorly is going to cost you money, both in repairs and in energy costs. The best thing you can do is to stay on top of regular maintenance. This means changing your filter at least every other month, keeping the outside unit clean and clear of debris, and scheduling annual inspections to make sure that your system is operating as it should be.

If any part of your system seems to be operating poorly or making unusual noises, contact an HVAC professional to have it diagnosed immediately. Many problems can be solved more cheaply if they are caught early on, and if the issue is making your system run less efficiently, then each day that you delay costs you more in additional energy costs.

Go All the Way with an Energy Audit

If you're ready to really rock an energy-efficient home and save money on your cooling costs, an energy audit may be the right option for you. During the audit, a professional will inspect your home for potential problems with energy efficiency. Often, this will mean identifying areas where your home's envelope may be "leaking" climate-controlled air to the outside environment. These leaks can drastically increase your AC's operating cost by allowing cool air to escape outside. A detailed audit may also find areas where your home's insulation is insufficient, further reducing how efficiently your AC unit can cool the house.

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