Updating Your HVAC Unit

Furnace Care And Repair Answers To Help You Be A More Responsible Homeowner

The furnace can be the heart of your home's heating system, and this makes it critical to ensure that this system is working effectively. Otherwise, your ability to heat the house will be greatly diminished, and you may even put the entire home at risk of suffering fire damage.

What Could Be Causing Your Furnace To Have Poor Air Circulation? 

For those that have forced air furnaces, a common issue will be a lack of poor circulation. When there is limited circulation, the furnace's heat will struggle to reach the upper floors and areas of the home that are furthest from the furnace. To push the heated air through the home's ducting, these furnaces will use a powerful fan. Unfortunately, problems with this fan can be one of the most common causes of the furnace experiencing this type of issue. Another issue can be that the furnace is actually undersized for the home, which can limit its ability to push air throughout the structure.

How Do The Maintenance Needs Of A Gas Furnace Differ From An Electric Model?

Gas and electric furnaces are the most common types of these systems. While these two styles of heating system will work in largely the same manner, there are some important differences between them. One of the most noticeable is that the gas burning furnace will have more intensive cleaning needs. In addition to removing residue from the burner and pilot light, you will also need to keep the vent for the gas furnace clean so that exhaust can easily leave the home. Electric furnaces will still need to be cleaned to remove dust that may have gathered on them. Both of these systems will need to have their air filters changed at least every few weeks for optimal efficiency.

Is It Safe To Use The Furnace If You Suspect That There Is A Problem With The Unit?

Whenever you are under the impression that there is a problem with your furnace, you should cease using it until repairs are completed. This should apply to both gas and electric furnaces. When a gas furnace is suffering from malfunctions, it can cause a highly dangerous buildup of highly flammable or toxic gases in the home. Malfunctioning gas and electric furnaces can both pose a fire hazard, which is another reason to avoid using these systems.

Many furnace repair providers offer emergency service calls so that you can have your furnace repaired as promptly as possible. Having an emergency space heater can help you to minimize any discomfort while waiting for the repair technician to arrive at your home.