Updating Your HVAC Unit

Keeping Your Commercial Refrigeration Running Properly And Efficiently

If you operate a business that depends on refrigeration to keep food or a product cold, it is important that the refrigeration units work properly. A unit that goes down, even for a few hours could result in a loss of product that that would likely be very costly to the business. While there is sometimes nothing you can do to prevent a breakdown, there are somethings you can do to minimize the risk of it happening to you.

Cooling In Many Scales

Commercial refrigeration may mean a small walk-in fridge or freezer in a restaurant, or it could involve cooling an entire warehouse. In either case, the principles are the same, but the warehouse would take multiple cooling units to keep the space cold. The scale of the refrigerated area is going to affect the way you deal with maintenance and repairs so having a refrigeration company contracted to service and maintain the equipment is a good way to keep the area cold. If you are dealing with food, even small changes in temperature can affect the quality and safety of the product and could result in customers receiving food that is not safe to eat.

Preventive Maintenance

The most important thing you can do to ensure your refrigeration stays running is to keep the units maintained properly. They need to be checked for proper refrigerant levels, the door seals should be checked, the fans and motors checked, and electrical wiring that is exposed should be looked over regularly. The intervals at which these items need to be done are not necessarily set in stone and could change with the amount of use that the system gets. The best option is to work with your service company to set up a schedule that works for you and falls into a time frame that is going to minimize the potential for a failure.

Who Should Maintain Your Refrigeration?

In most situations, the maintenance of your refrigeration units is best left to a qualified refrigeration company. They have technicians that can come in and do the work even if they have never worked on the unit before. The technician may make recommendations while he is there about things that should be serviced or replaced to keep everything working at its peak so take the time to talk to them about any concerns that you or they may have. In some cases, these refrigeration units are keeping entire rooms or even sections of a building cold and losing even one unit may put enough strain on the remaining units that early wear or parts or components can be the result.

For more information, contact your local refrigeration equipment service.