Updating Your HVAC Unit

Tips For Maximizing The Efficiency Of Your Air Conditioner In The Heat Of Summer

If it seems like all your air conditioner is doing during the hot summer season is operating endlessly and running up your power bill, then you will be happy to know there are things you can do to improve its efficiency. An efficiently running central air conditioning unit will effectively cool your home and not cost you an arm and a leg in electricity costs while doing so. To this end, you can improve the effectiveness of your home's air conditioner by following each of these tips:

Tip: Shade Your Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit with an Awning or Vegetation

Your air conditioning unit itself must be installed outdoors because it needs access to large volumes of air. However, as the unit bakes in the sun, it must work harder to cool down your home. You can help the air conditioner work more effectively by installing an awning over the top of it or planting hedges that will shade it during hot summer days. However, if you opt to use vegetation to shade the air conditioner, choose hedges or trees that will not shed a lot of vegetative matter on or around the air conditioner. The shed material can work its way into the air conditioner during storms and cause damage. 

Tip: Change Your Air Conditioner's Filter Frequently

All of the cooled air produced by your air conditioner has to pass through your furnace's filter. When the furnace struggles to pull the air through a clogged filter, then it must work harder to cool your home and this will run up your power bills. To help your HVAC system work easier and keep your home's air quality higher, replace its filter very frequently.

Most people only change their furnace filters at the beginning of the summer and the winter seasons. However, this is not frequent enough. You should change the filter at least once each month and more often if you have pets living in your household. Replacement furnace filters are inexpensive and changing them frequently is one of the best things you can do for the health of your HVAC system.

Tip: Have the Air Conditioning System Professionally Serviced

Finally, one of the absolute best ways to improve the efficiency of your residential air conditioning system is to have it professionally serviced once each year. While you will have to pay for a service call, you will recoup that money back in lower summer air conditioning bills. And, regular inspections and prophylactic servicing of your system will help it last longer and will head off major problems before they become expensive repairs.