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Sneaky Signs Of Central Air Conditioning Problems You Should Know As A Home Buyer

Shopping for a new home can be one of the most exciting processes you will ever face in your adult life, but the excitement of it all can also lead you to disregard problems simply because you are not paying a lot of attention. If there is one thing you don't want to do, it is to sign off on a mortgage in a new home and then find out you are facing costly repairs.

While having problems with a central air conditioning system may not be the most horrendous situation, it can be a costly issue. There are a few sneaky signs of problems you should be on the lookout for with a home's central air system as a home buyer.

When you turn the air on, the electricity in the house seems affected.

Old air conditioners are notorious for being a huge drain on the electrical power in the house. If you turn on the air and see that every other light either dims or flickers, it is a pretty good indication that there is something wrong with the central unit. Most likely, the problem is due to aged wiring or lack of efficiency with the motor simply because of the age of the unit. Either way, buying a home and inheriting this kind of issue could definitely mean you will be facing replacement costs at some point in the near future.

There is an odd odor radiating from the vents along with cold air.

When you initially turn the central air unit on inside a house you are considering buying, make sure you pay attention to the odors that come along with the cold air. Some odors are typical in a house that has not had the air unit turned on in some time. For example, if the air smells slightly musty or even faintly like plastic it could just be a sign the air has not been on in a while. However, if the odor you experience is something more along the lines of dank mildew, it could mean the system has some water damage inside.

The exterior unit is excessively loud during operation.

Make sure once you turn the air on inside of a house you may be buying, you step outside to check out the exterior fan unit. If the unit is excessively loud, it probably means it has not been serviced in quite some time. Rattling units are a sign that major components, such as the primary fan, are working their way loose. This can sometimes be easily fixed, but if the unit has been left like this for some time, it can cause damage to the inside of the exterior unit and the motor.

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