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Go With The Flow: How To Cool Down Your Home And Yourself As Quickly As Possible

If you have air conditioning, you face a choice between increasing your utility bill or dealing with an insufferably hot place when you come home on a hot day. If you run the air conditioner while you're gone, even at a higher temperature than normal, you'll end up spending more money, not to mention using up power supplies from an already strained power grid. If you leave it off, your place will become very stuffy. Because a stuffy, hot home can seem unbearable for even a short time, here are things you can do to cool down both your place and yourself as quickly as possible upon returning home.

Air Flow

You know to turn on the air conditioner to a fairly cool temperature, of course, as well as any ceiling fans or box/table fans you have around. But you should also turn on the main house fan, if you have one, or open the windows. Many newer homes with central air have a big vent somewhere on the top floor of the house. Hit a switch in the wall, and the slats closing off the vent suddenly open, and a fan turns on to suck out hot air. Using this for a short time generally removes a lot of the hotter air.

If you don't have a vent like that, open the windows—briefly. Normally those windows need to be closed in order to keep the cool air in, but in this case, open them for a very brief time to let hot air be pushed outside as the air conditioner blows cool air into the house. To help the air along, put a box or table fan in a window with the air moving out of the house. The fan will suck in warm air at its back side and blow it out through the window. Use this strategy to help get rid of odors, too, when the air conditioner is on. The fan will speed up the process considerably.

Cool Water

Once the fan is on or the windows open, dunk your wrists in cold water. If you live in an area that gets so hot that tap water won't get any cooler than lukewarm, put a cold pack on your wrists or wrap an ice cube in paper towels and place those on your wrists. Do this for the same amount of time you have the windows open or the fan on.

Once the main stuffiness is out of the house, close the windows and turn off that big ceiling vent fan. Fill a bucket with cold water (or lukewarm water with a few ice cubes), and dunk your bare feet in. It won't be long before you feel a lot better and can adjust the air conditioner to a more reasonable temperature.

All of these processes should take only a few minutes. You'll save on water—you won't have to run the shower for several minutes to cool off—and you'll save on energy because you can leave the air conditioner off when you're gone during the day.

If you want more information on using air conditioners efficiently, contact an AC installation company now. They can give you more strategies to keep your home cool on hot days.Click here for more info on cooling your home quickly.