Updating Your HVAC Unit

3 Tips To Ensure You Don't Void Your New HVAC Warranty

If you have recently decided to purchase a new HVAC system for your home, one of the things that you might have liked about owning a new system is the fact that it is under warranty. Now, if you have any problems with your system, you will be able to call your local HVAC dealer to have your system fixed, and you shouldn't have to worry about paying for these repairs if they happen during the warranty period. However, if you want to keep your warranty valid, it is important for you to do your part as well. These are a few tips that can help you avoid voiding out the warranty on your new heating and air conditioning unit.

1. Fill Out Your Paperwork

When your unit is first installed, you will probably need to fill out warranty paperwork that lets the company know about your purchase and gives them your contact information. To avoid issues later on, it's important to fill out this paperwork right away. Many people make the mistake of shoving these documents into a drawer somewhere in their home, so don't make this mistake. Otherwise, you might never turn in your warranty paperwork, and you might have trouble having your unit serviced under its warranty later because of it.

2. Change Your Filters

Check the owner's manual that came along with your new HVAC system. It should include basic maintenance instructions, such as how frequently you should change your HVAC filters. Do not forget about this important part of HVAC system ownership. Otherwise, your system could get clogged with dirt and debris, and you might not be able to rely on your warranty to cover the repair costs if you haven't been doing your part.

3. Have Your System Maintained

Your owner's manual should also provide information about how frequently your HVAC system should be maintenanced by a professional; in many cases, you should have it done at least once per year. This can help your HVAC technician catch potential problems before they become serious, and you'll have the proof that you need to prove that you have been having your system maintained as you should have been.

An HVAC system warranty can be a very valuable thing that can provide a lot of peace of mind, but you have to ensure that you don't do anything to mess it up. Fortunately, following these three steps should help prevent your HVAC warranty from being voided. If you're looking for an AC repair shop, visit Perry Heating Cooling.