Updating Your HVAC Unit

Cleaning And Correcting Problems With Your Ventilation And Ductwork

With so much focus on energy efficient furnaces and air conditioners it's easy to lose sight of the delivery system for your home's heating and cooling. However, without properly maintained and professionally installed ventilation, even the best furnace in the world will struggle to keep you warm in the winter. Before you go ripping out your furnace or heat pump, take the time to have your ventilation evaluated first.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

A concerted effort is made to ensure that most residential duct work is hidden from view, which might be more aesthetically pleasing but it also makes it harder to see a problem if it develops. Every gap, tear, pinhole or loose fitting in your ductwork is heating or cooling that will never reach its destination, resulting in lost efficiency and wasted energy. Spotting these issues means getting into tight spaces, often under your house or in your attic, which is usually a deterrent for the average homeowner.

Checking out your ductwork is normally a fairly straightforward procedure, requiring far less time than a full inspection of your heating and cooling equipment, which have more moving parts and small components. Simply repairing these holes, fixing connections, or replacing faulty insulation can improve the overall performance of your HVAC system, and will cost far less than upgrading your furnace or replacing your air conditioning unit.

Hidden Obstructions

Airflow within your ventilation system is tightly constricted in order to ensure that proper circulation occurs in each room of your house. The downside to this approach is that any obstruction within your ductwork will reduce the airflow and hinder the circulation of air within the home. The result is ineffective heating or cooling, an overworked forced air fan, and yet more wasted energy.

Cleaning your ductwork on a semi-annual basis can help to alleviate the problem by clearing blockages, debris and dust within your ventilation system. As an added benefit, you'll also notice that your home's air quality will improve afterward, since less dust will be discharged by your HVAC system. While a good filter will help stop most debris from finding its way into your ducts, it won't take the place of a good cleaning from a company like Crystal Coast Heating & Air LLC.

Clean, properly installed ductwork will go a long way towards improving the efficiency of your heating and cooling, but it's not a magic bullet. When you do get around to having an HVAC contractor inspect your system, make sure they're looking at each component.